You are the weapon

You are the weapon, everything else is just a tool” – Anonymous

Today the Wassenaar agreement suggests that the tools we in the cyber security industry use, are munitions. Munitions which should be export controlled, and monitored by governments. The truth is, the most powerful tool in our arsenal is our minds. Great hackers don’t need available tools to bypass security mechanisms, they build them. It will be interesting to see how this arrangement works in practice, although initial indications are that it is discouraging researchers from doing and especially from publishing their work. Work that would almost certainly make the internet a safer place.

So on this day, I launch this blog to share the following:

  • Tools, Techniques, and Practices (TTPs) used by malicious hackers
  • Demonstrations and tutorials of tools in practice
  • Defensive techniques against these tools
  • “War stories” from the field
  • Commentary on Cyber Security news and events

My aim is to share this knowledge to provide a better understanding of the existing threats, how they may affect you, and what you can do to defend against them.

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